A Message from Valley Regional Medical Center's Leadership Team

Thank you for choosing Valley Regional Medical Center (VRMC) for quality health care in your community. We are an HCA Affiliated Hospital in Brownsville, TX also serving neighbors in Harlingen, San Benito and Port Isabel.

A dynamic team of senior executives, physicians, and business leaders help guide VRMC to provide you and your family with a cost-effective, quality health care system that is close to home. Our Leadership Team also evaluates the current health care services and uses their expert knowledge to make recommendations for developing new services and programs at the hospital.

Meet Our Hospital CEO and Leaders

  • Art Garza, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joe Hernandez, Chief Financial Officer
  • Frank Acevedo, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Edward Stiner, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Our Hospital Board of Trustees

  • Shanna M. Cox, MD, Chair
  • G. Robert Swantner, CLTC, Vice-Chair
  • Juan F. Rodriguez, MD, Chief of Staff
  • Teri Alarcon
  • Guillaume Boiteau, MD
  • J. Gabriel Guajardo, MD
  • Maribel B. Guerrero
  • Javier Jover, MD
  • Ronnie Rodriguez
  • Jaime Salazar
  • Lucy G. Willis, PhD
  • Art Garza, Secretary
  • Troy Villarreal, President of Gulf Coast Division

Our Medical Executive Committee

  • Juan F. Rodriguez, MD, Chief of Staff
  • Asim Zamir, MD, Vice-Chief
  • Jose A. De Luna, MD, Past Chief of Staff
  • Gerardo J. Sanchez, MD, Secretary
  • Yasmin Maldonado, MD, Chief of Medicine
  • Ricardo Lemus, MD, Chief of OB/GYN
  • Melissa Tilley, MD, Chief of Pediatrics
  • Christopher Olson, MD, Chief of Surgery