BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – Chris A. Chizek is one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet in the medical field. Whether it’s her role as market director of clinical professional development for HCA South Texas Market serving Valley Regional Medical Center and Rio Grande Regional Hospital, or as a 29-year seasoned registered nurse.

Chizek has made it a lifelong passion to help others and part of that includes donating her time to help the Moody Clinic staff become CPR AED First Aid Certified by the American Heart Association.

“More people should know CPR,” Chizek said. “The other trainings I do with the hospitals, such as pediatric event life support, cardiac arrest life support, trauma nursing, pediatric nursing course, they all come back to how CPR is what helps save lives. It helps give the medical professionals a chance to save lives.”  

The Moody Clinic provides speech/language, physical and occupational services to children ages birth to 21 years-old with diagnosed development delays, disabilities and/or acquired injuries. Many of the patients who receive services on a weekly basis are medically fragile so it’s imperative for the staff to be fully prepared.

“It is important for the staff to be CPR AED First Aid Certified,” Executive Director Jessica Cuevas said. “It’s so critical for us to be prepared for anything. Whether it's for our patients' sake or even another member of our staff, we would be able to handle any situation.”  

Since 2017, Chizek has trained the Moody Clinic staff to become CPR AED First Aid Certified with the help of Valley Regional Medical Center Education Department. Chizek is cognizant how invaluable these training sessions are and implores any other entity looking to be certified to reach out. 

“If anyone in the community is looking to become a CPR instructor, VRMC education department doesn’t charge a fee for the service,” she said. “When I was with the [Moody Clinic] staff it was so wonderful. There is such an interest and great questions. It is such a joy to go to an organization like Moody Clinic and to have other healthcare professionals interested in CPR who are wanting to help. Knowing it's the best thing for the clients, patients and each other.”

Chizek said through the education department, they teach CPR & First Aid courses to church groups, nonprofits, even having Eagle Scouts become CPR certified as part of their Eagle Scout project.

One of the most recent additions to the Moody Clinic staff is Physical Therapist Denise Kingsbury who brings 18-years’ experience and said being able to see and understand the tells of an emergency is invaluable.