Valley Regional Medical Center (VRMC) announced today a new brand identity and launched the “Sand Dollar” logo as a part of the larger strategic planning process to expand its reach in South Texas and unify its sister hospitals, Corpus Christi Medical Center and Rio Grande Regional Hospital (McAllen). The logo change is a rebranding and links all three hospitals and HCA Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare provider.

“The new logo identity for Valley Regional Medical Center better mirrors what we do and who we serve while unifying us in South Texas and to HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services,” said Art Garza, CEO of Valley Regional Medical Center. “The Sand Dollar’s elements connect our mission, our brand and our commitment to providing quality care to the patients we serve throughout our communities.”

VRMC’s logo and identity originates from South Texas environmental and cultural influences. The icon reflects the Sand Dollar, frequently seen in the Coastal Bend. The Sand Dollar’s multiple facets, which represent VRMC’s complement of services, encircle the center diamond with care and nurturing. The diamond is VRMC’s patients, who are always at the center of our commitment to the care and improvement of human life.

In addition, VRMC is investing $4.5 million in the renovation of its intensive care unit, emergency rooms, and the construction and installation of the first hybrid operating room in Cameron County. The hybrid operating room combines the capabilities of a cardiac catheterization lab and the disinfected environment of an operating room, enhancing patient safety, cost savings, and efficiency.

“Our focus is first and foremost on our patients and we are committed to delivering superior, patient-centered care to every patient on every visit,” said Art Garza, chief executive officer at Valley Regional Medical Center. “And because we are a part of HCA Healthcare, we are able to improve more lives in more ways. We’re proud to be a part of HCA Healthcare, driven by our collective mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.”