When surgery is needed, get care close to home from surgeons you trust.

Whether in need of minor or major surgery, emergency or elective, the experienced surgeons at Valley Regional Medical Center are dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate care. Our surgeons use minimally invasive techniques and are skilled in advanced and complex procedures in a wide range of specialties.

While in our care, you are treated by a multidisciplinary team of specially trained physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses who collaborate to get you back to daily life as quickly and safely as possible.

Brownsville surgical services

Our hospital is recognized for excellence in various surgical procedures. We are a proud recipient of the 2023 Surgical Care Excellence Award™ from Healthgrades, which recognizes our superior clinical outcomes in surgical care across 15 of the most common in-hospital surgical procedures. This includes cardiac, vascular, joint replacement, prostate, spine and gastrointestinal surgeries. Additionally, we are a recipient of Healthgrades' 2023 Gastrointestinal Surgery Excellence Award™.

Surgeons at Valley Regional Medical Center are experts in minimally invasive surgery, offering endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted approaches whenever possible. These advanced surgical capabilities can offer you less pain, shorter recovery times and lower risk of complications when performing many general surgery cases, as well as cardiovascular, gynecological and oncology procedures.

Our surgeons provide surgical treatment options in the following areas:

Surgery patients can pre-register on MyHealthONE® the day before their scheduled surgery to complete pre-admission work. This includes lab work and any other necessary medical testing. Patients can also speak to an anesthesiologist and other medical professionals to ask questions about their surgery.

If you need surgery, we invite you to find a surgeon and learn more about our services.